Thursday, November 10, 2016

Still trying to get over the colossal mistake our country just made two days ago. Hopefully the racist bully can somehow tamp down his normal instincts and become a good president for all of America. But I have my doubts.

We just elected a know nothing reality star TV host that spent the last several years trying to delegitimize the first black president this country ever elected. It is one of the most depressing things I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. And yet, not that surprising knowing the hatred people I know had for Pres. Obama. People that were not really into politics at all until he got elected back in 2008.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow knowing that this Country picked this particular “man" to be our president over our first woman president. That his bigotry toward minorities and his misogyny and utter disrespect towards women in general is, in part, what got him elected by the men and WOMEN in America is a sad fact we now have to live with for four years.

My mom was pulling for Hillary Clinton back in 2008 but when Barack Obama beat her in the primaries and became president she was very happy. She died in May 2009 but I know how disappointed and disgusted she would have been if she were alive to see what we as a country did on Tuesday.

My $0.02

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Prize Patrol

Yesterday I arrived home after taking my nephew to see the final HARRY POTTER movie and found waiting for me, my personally inscribed and Screwy Squirrel cartoon sketched copy of FLASHBACK by Dan Simmons!

On his website forum Mr. Simmons threw out a quick trivia question and the 1st person with the correct answer would win a signed copy of his new book and I just happened to be that lucky person. I just want to say thank you to Dan for taking the time out of his busy schedule and, more importantly, for following through with this contest even while dealing with medical issues that caused him to cancel some stops on his book signing tour. This book will find a special place on my bookshelf to be sure!

Here is the inscription and cartoon, sorry the image isn't the best quality it could be…